The Woodward Park Regional Library, one of Fresno County’s voting centers, was the site Tuesday of exit polling on presidential candidate preferences.

The exit poll also asked voters to rate their level of concern about the coronavirus, said David Chambers of Fresno, who was conducting the poll for Edison Research, a firm based in Somerville, N.J.

Chambers said the poll was being conducted on behalf of news media, including numerous television networks, and universities.

He said it was the first time he could recall having separate surveys for the two main political parties. The survey for Democrats was printed on white paper and the survey for Republicans on tan paper.

More Democrats Take Exit Poll

Chambers said he had handed out more Democrat surveys by 10 a.m. Tuesday at the library, which surprised him given the more conservative voter base in northeast Fresno.

That might have been due to a couple of factors: With President Donald Trump on the Republican ballot, GOP voters were likelier to have dropped off or mailed their ballot before Tuesday, whereas many Democrats waited to see who among the wide field of candidates would still be running by Super Tuesday before voting.

David Chambers arrived before 7 a.m. Tuesday to conduct exit polls for Edison Research outside the Woodward Park Regional Library. (GV Wire/Nancy Price)


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