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Devin Nunes’ District Remains the GOP’s Ruby Heart as Blue California Votes



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Up the backbone of California, north of Bakersfield, the billboards that dot state Route 99 speak volumes.
“Jesus is Lord,” says more than one. “Dam Water Grows Food,” proclaim several others. A picture of a mother and infant dominates another towering sign, which declares “Pro Woman, Pro Baby, Pro Life.”
If the visual cues don’t suffice, Central Valley conservatism comes with its own soundtrack, courtesy of KMJ talk radio. One of the region’s top-rated broadcast stations, KMJ features national stalwarts of the right and local host Ray Appleton, always ready to provide a platform to his friend Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare), the congressman whom President Trump calls the left’s “worst nightmare.”
Here, a ruby Republican heart beats in sapphire blue California, or as one KMJ promotion puts it, a hub for “rational thinking in an irrational state.”
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