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Yosemite Hemp Co. 'Slashes Prices' After Owner Stabbed



Photo of the exterior of the Yosemite Hemp Company in Fresno County
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Upset at being fired, 27-year-old Jose Ramos allegedly stabbed the owner of the Yosemite Hemp Co. in the neck Thursday evening.

Photo of Jose Ramos who got beaten up after stabbing a man in the neck

Jose Ramos (Fresno County Sheriff’s Office)

But the violence at the business in Friant didn’t end there. The owner’s brother then “beat up” Ramos, according to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.
The 42-year-old owner, Kelly Richardson, was airlifted to the hospital. Ramos was taken by ambulance to the hospital as well.
Richardson was treated and released, as was Ramos.

Ramos Arrested

Meanwhile, Ramos was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.
The sheriff’s office said that Richardson’s brother won’t face charges because he acted in defense of Richardson.

Discount for a Get-Well Card

A post on the company’s Facebook page says the business is offering a 10% discount for customers who bring a get-well card for Richardson.
We’re “slashin prices,” wrote Mark Bagz in a Facebook post.