As bushfires raged around them, the ladies of the Australian Islamic Centre felt compelled to help out their community.

The group from Newport, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, filled five trucks full of donated supplies and raised $1,500 in only 48 hours. They traveled, along with other volunteers, more than four hours to distribute the supplies to victims, according to Rashid Elhouli, who oversees online public relations for the Australian Islamic Centre.
They didn’t stop there.

When they arrived to Johnsonville, the ladies cooked breakfast for 150 firefighters.

“[I] extend the thanks from the fire affected areas,” Rodney Baylis, a Johnsvonville firefighter, is heard telling the group in a video posted on Facebook. “I just been on the phone to the captain down there and he nearly broke into tears when I told him what we are bringing in for them today.”

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