Fresno mayoral candidates Jerry Dyer and Andrew Janz face off in a one-hour forum moderated by GV Wire news director Bill McEwen.

Click on the video above to see where they stand on addressing homelessness, recreational marijuana sales, housing, business growth and leadership in this exclusive GV Wire video forum.

The election is Tuesday, March 3.

3 Responses

  1. Emily Brandt

    Please explain to me why you did not invite mayoral candidate Floyd Harris? It’s inexcusable from my perspective and it shows what sham paper peddling influence AssemiWire is.

  2. Hector R DeLaRosa

    This comment for Mr Janz. I’m tired of candidates always bring the race issue as their platform. For Mr Janz I say, address me as an American, don’t major on race issue ok?
    You are not going to fix the problem by telling minorities how you plan to help them with government help. Governments do more damage than fix things. They throw money at all the problems we have in communities or in the state. You sir are not the right candidate.

  3. Ann

    Sacramento has refused an audit in 20+ yrs and can not account for 2.5 billion education dollars. We need less government and less regulations. You talk just like the lawyers(Avenatti)(politicians) in Sacramento and Washington. So sick of lawyers in politics it doesn’t work. Dyer is not perfect but he is clearly the better candidate.


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