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Opinion: 2020, the Year of the End for Gaza



Photo of a Palestinian family outside of their makeshift house
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That’s how it goes when you’re having fun. Time flies. Eight years ago, in 2012, the United Nations issued a report entitled “Gaza in 2020: A livable place?” The answer was contained in the body of the report – no. Not unless steps are taken to save it.
No real steps have been taken but the projections in this severe report were also not borne out: The situation is much worse that in predicted.
On January 1, 2020, the year of the end for Gaza began. As of January 1, 2 million human beings are living in a place that is not livable.
There’s a Chernobyl in Gaza, an hour from Tel Aviv. And Tel Aviv is not bothered by that. Nor is the rest of the world. News reviews of the past decade included everything else. Just not humanitarian disaster on Israel’s backyard for which Israel, first and foremost, is to blame, is responsible.
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