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Opinion: Israeli Soldiers Attacked a Palestinian Dad With His Son. Watch It and Cry



Photo of the Palestinian father and son being harassed by IDF soldiers
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Every day of the last week has offered another glimpse of the racist, fascist and brutal conduct by IDF “fighters,” the pride of the nation. The stomach churns each time anew when watching them in action. These Judeo-Nazi storm troopers. The latest video was filmed on Tuesday in Hebron.
Hebron is a stain on Israeli society. An ongoing moral disgrace. The same Hebron from which Rabin, yes the same one of the “Rabin legacy,” the tireless fighter for peace, did not remove the settlers there when a historic opportunity to do so came his way, following the massacre by Baruch Goldstein. Astar Shamir once sang about “the lowest place in Tel Aviv.” In Tel Aviv, the lowest places refer to material for pop songs. Topographically, the Dead Sea is the lowest place in Israel. Morally, the lowest place is Hebron.

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