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2020 Democrats at J Street Conference Reflect New Tone on U.S.-Israel Relations



Photo of Bernie Sanders speaking at the podium
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WASHINGTON — Pete Buttigieg on Monday compared Israel’s relationship with the United States to that of a close friend — one who needed and should accept more guidance. Bernie Sanders put it in starker terms, saying the United States should demand more from Israel.
But whatever the language, one thing was clear: Democratic attitudes toward Israel are shifting in the highest echelons of the party.
Several Democratic presidential hopefuls spoke at a national conference hosted by J Street, a liberal lobbying group that describes itself as “pro-Israel and pro-peace.” Thousands of progressive Jewish activists gathered at the two-day conference, as candidates answered questions about what they would do to end the Israeli occupation in the West Bank as well as restart negotiations between Palestinians and the Israeli government. Such negotiations have long been at a standstill.

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