Chevron Fined $2.7M for Kern County Oil Leaks - GV Wire - Explore. Explain. Expose
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Chevron Fined $2.7M for Kern County Oil Leaks



Photo of Kern County oil spill
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The Department of Conservation’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources said Wednesday that Chevron illegally allowed uncontrolled oil releases at Cymric Oil Field.
The seepage from the ground where Chevron injects steam to extract oil has been happening on and off for months.

Chevron Says Cleanup Nearly Complete

Chevron said in an email that cleanup of the area where the leaks occurred is nearly complete. The company said it’s working closely with regulators.
The state previously issued the oil giant a notice of violation ordering it to stop steam injections around the area where the seep was occurring.