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Politics of Impeachment Now Favor Democrats



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The politics of impeachment are changing, rapidly. No one knows how this will end, but all signs are pointing to growing trouble for Republicans.
The whistle-blower’s well-documented allegation that President Trump extorted Ukraine, an ally, for political gain is damning and direct. House Democrats are narrowly focused on digging deeper into the explosive evidence as the basis for impeachment. Administration officials connected to the alleged cover-up will be subpoenaed under oath before Congress as part of the impeachment hearings. If those in the White House think things will get better for them, they’re fooling themselves.
The actions from leading lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week are also revealing. Democrats in competitive districts, assiduously attuned to their political standing back home, slowly and steadily came out in support of impeachment hearings. Rep. Conor Lamb, a military veteran in a Trump-friendly Pennsylvania district, went on national television to announce his support for impeachment proceedings Thursday night.

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