Michael Pack, 32, a prospect with the Modesto Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, has been arrested in connection with an alleged methamphetamine distribution ring.

A Department of Justice spokeswoman said that Pack was subsequently arrested after federal agents failed to locate him during a June 25 sweep that netted club president Randy Picchi, 61; his wife, Tina Picchi, 51; and Michael Mize, 61.

Pack, a Modesto resident, was arraigned in federal court in Fresno on Tuesday.

Search Warrants Executed at Seven Locations

Officers executed search warrants at seven locations June 25 in Stanislaus County, including the Hells Angels clubhouse in Modesto.

Court documents allege that Randy Picchi led a drug conspiracy and directed his wife to regularly deliver drugs to Mize and others in Ceres. Randy Pichi also enlisted Pack to help obtain methamphetamine on at least one occasion. Pack was stopped by law enforcement officers and was found with 499 grams of meth on him.

In addition, the court documents allege that Randy Picchi directed Tina Picchi to drive from Modesto to Redding to deliver meth to a customer. On the way, Tina Picchi was stopped by law enforcement and found with approximately 4 ounces of meth, which she had wrapped in a plastic glove and hidden in a cup of soda.

Defendants Face 10-Year Minimum Sentences

This case involved the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the IRS Criminal Investigation, the Central Valley Gang Impact Task Force, the Modesto and Turlock police departments, the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and the California Highway Patrol.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Ross Pearson and Laurel Montoya are prosecuting the case.

If convicted, each defendant faces a maximum statutory penalty of life in prison, a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison and a $10 million fine.

6 Responses

    • Carol

      Thank god for leading the police to the places of stash that bunch needed to be caught and long terms in jail. Great police work

  1. Bryan Sawyer

    Randy & Mike Pack are good people And regardless of anything people read there’s alot worse people doing alot bigger things But because of who Randy is & wat he represents The Feds,Cops & jealous people take it upon themselves to make him out to be some drug King pin & that’s the furthest from the truth. I hope all works out for Randy,his wife & Mike Pack & Mike Mize because like I said before…” THERE GOOD PEOPLE WITH BIG HEARTS & GOOD MORALS REGARDLESS WAT U READ PEOPLE !!!

  2. Zeke

    Unfortunately most of us know or seen first hand the terrible human destruction meth can cause. This is no ordinary recreational drug___ it’s death. Anyone peddling such poison is nothing short of a piece of sh*%#.

  3. john

    According to Bryan Sawyer it’s ok to be a criminal as long as you are a good person. I’m a good person so I guess that means I can sell drugs that destroy people’s lives, and leave children in the foster care system, destroy marriages, and drain the tax payers when these meth heads wind up in the hospital uninsured looking for thousands of dollars in free healthcare because they got hooked into drugs. Grow up Bryan.

  4. Bryan Sawyer

    John….Your the type of cocky smartass followers that sit on Jurys & don’t listen to evidence you just convict because your a puppet of the system & think if your arrested you must be guilty. ..Maybe when u grow up you’ll understand not to believe everything u read & learn that just because someone is arrested doesn’t make them guilty..Or perhaps u just need to keep grown ups names out of your mouth if u don’t have anything nice to say…OK JOHNNY BOY


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