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How to Make a Bee Waterer for Your Garden for $5 or Less



Photo of bees drinking water
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Not many people are aware that bees drink water. They also don’t know that bees need a safe source to access so that they don’t drown. That’s where a bee waterer comes in.
Imagine how hard just one bee works in a single day. Tending to over 2,000 flowers daily, beating their tiny wings over 10,000 times per minute, and carrying pollen is quite the exhausting task. As a result, bees get thirsty and need safe water sources.
Since bees can’t drink while flying, they have to land in order to do so. However, this brings up the conundrum of how to land safely near a spot of water without drowning, and without getting eaten alive. Bees often risk drowning in bird baths, or being eaten at rivers and lakes among birds, fish, frogs and other wildlife. This is why they often fly around our clothes lines, and may even land on us if we are in an outdoor pool on a hot day.

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