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Blue-Collar Jobs Like Plumbing Pay $90,000 Without a College Degree, and It's Driving More Workers to Trade School



Photo of a plumber
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The new six-figure job? Trade work.
Trade schools are now touting how blue-collar professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and mechanics make more money than workers whose roles require bachelor’s degrees, Bloomberg reported. While the average pay of some of these occupations totals $52,000, specialized jobs, including aircraft mechanics and heavy-equipment technicians, can surpass $100,000. Bloomberg reported plumbers in Atlanta earn $90,000 in wages and commissions — a salary that’s 70% higher than the region’s average income.
Though college grads still earn more than their non-graduate peers, avoiding student debt could make trade schools more appealing. Many trade programs are covered in part by employers, and state-sponsored programs in Michigan and Georgia offer trade degrees tuition-free.

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