Fresno Mayor Lee Brand is hitting the reset button on how to distribute $12 million in SB 1 gas tax funds to repair local city roads.

Four council members, whose districts’ encompass south and central Fresno, vociferously objected to Brand’s original plan. Esmeralda Soria, Miguel Arias, Luis Chavez, and Nelson Esparza felt their dilapidated streets, lack of sidewalks, and history of neglect warranted a larger share of the spending.

Following their comments, councilmen Steve Brandau and Garry Bredefeld, representing north Fresno districts, objected to their colleagues’ objections. The called it “class warfare.”

After all the back-and-forth arguing, Brand pulled the vote from Thursday’s city council agenda.

How Brand Set Priorities

How did the city set its list of 50-plus projects in the first place? The answer can be found in this memo, written by public works director Scott Mozier.

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Brand says he will bring an updated plan to the council April 11.

What Does Caprioglio Think?

Every councilmember spoke about the plan publicly except for east-central representative Paul Caprioglio.

“I’m the strong silent type. I”m a below the radar guy,” he said about the debate.

He added he is optimistic the council and mayor will find a resolution.

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