Fresno Unified School District released security camera video Wednesday morning of a confrontation involving a male student, trustee Terry Slatic and his aide, Michelle Asadoorian, on Friday, Jan. 11, at Bullard High School.

In an interview with GV Wire on Monday, Slatic said that the student directed profanities at him and his aide and threatened to kill them.

The video shows a brief struggle for the student’s backpack, with Slatic grabbing hold of the backpack and placing it on the ground. After a pause, the student picks up the backpack and runs off.

The student’s face is blurred in the video to protect his identity because he is a minor. There is no audio with the video.

DA’s Office Will Investigate

The district said in a news release Wednesday that a Fresno Police Department investigation into the incident “is being turned over to the District Attorney’s office while Fresno Unified continues to conduct its own investigation.”

The district’s board of trustees held a special meeting in closed session Tuesday night to discuss the incident.

Board President Claudia Cazares said there were no actions to report out of the meeting.

Slatic said he cannot comment further on the matter until the investigation is over.

The board will hold its regularly scheduled meeting tonight at district headquarters downtown.

Video Released in Response to Public Records Act Requests

Fresno Unified said that it released the video in response to California Public Records Act requests.

GV Wire requested the video from the district Monday before interviewing Slatic.

7 Responses

    • Em

      No Teresa. I disagree. This kid is a bully! He needs to be stopped! He was bold enough to do this to adults, what does he do to students? My son will be a freshman at Bullard next year and I don’t want him bullied! Now I am VERY concerned for his safety! These same kids bully teachers and disrupt classroom learning every day!.This needs to stop!

  1. Mark Borba

    Too bad that Marine didn’t pound the disrespectful little bas*@rd into the concrete! Can you imagine what teachers in the classrooms must have to endure? SAD!

  2. Roger R

    This is whats wrong with a majority of youth today, no respect for elders. They think they can say and do whatever they want, and moreover the left allows this. Why? Cause there is no discipline or consequences for negative actions anymore… WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  3. Samuel

    Nope. I don’t care if the kid is a bully. This is assault on the adult’s part. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and this is a terrible example for an elected official to set. I wonder if he’d do that to a fully grown adult?

    • K T

      Your attitude/statement is what’s wrong in society today. If a bully isn’t confronted when behaving badly he/she will continue down this same path. They need to be confronted, challenged and stopped. If physical force is required then so be it. I don’t think enough action was taken in this instance. If Trustee Terry Slatic was threatened with physical force especially threatened with death by this boy he should have looked through this punk’s backpack and searched for any weapons that could have been used to follow through with the threat. Any student who acts confrontationally towards school staff should be put in check immediately. To allow such aggressive behavior by any student only encourages said student and any other student witnessing said behavior an opening to continue such or begin even worse behavior towards school staff, other students or even other citizens they encounter in life. If they’re allowed to act this way as a child then just how do you think they will act as adults? It’s time to put a stop to any child’s bad behavior when it starts. Help make our country safe for all.


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