Face-Off for State Schools Chief: Tony Thurmond vs. Marshall Tuck



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CALmatters dives deep into the battle to elect the next state superintendent of public instruction with a video featuring Tony Thurmond and Marshall Tuck.
The candidates talk about their credentials for the job, their passion for education, and where they stand on the issues.
The video opens with the candidates talking about themselves and then goes into a debate on these subjects:
— Teacher pay and tenure (at 2 minutes, 53 seconds)
— Closing the achievement gap (4:47)
— Charter schools (5:44)
— Relationships with teachers unions (7:04).
(Click on the video above.)
To learn more about Tuck and Thurmond, as well as gubernatorial candidates Gavin Newsom and John Cox, read GV Wire’s special report “The Battle to Decide California’s Education Future.”


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