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Gunman Kills His Wife, 4 Others and Himself in California



Photo of Kern County sheriff's deputy stands near an area where a shooting victim lies
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BAKERSFIELD — A gunman went on a rampage in Kern County, California, killing his wife and four other people before shooting himself to death, authorities said.

“Obviously, there is some type of situation that caused the husband to be extremely upset.” — Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood
Officials provided no immediate details Thursday morning on what prompted the shootings Wednesday evening at a home and a trucking company in Bakersfield, about 90 miles north of Los Angeles.
Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood told reporters the shootings were not random. “Obviously, there is some type of situation that caused the husband to be extremely upset,” he said.
He added: “I’m pretty comfortable (saying) there will be a connection between all these players,” he added.
The man first showed up at the company with his wife shortly before 5:30 p.m. where he confronted another man.
Photo of locator map of Bakersfield shootings

Map locates Bakersfield, California, where a gunman shot and killed five people.

Gunman Turned and Shot His Wife

“The suspect, the husband, shot the person at the trucking company and then turned and shot his wife” and then chased and shot another man who showed up, Youngblood said.
The gunman then went to a home where he shot and killed a man and a woman, the sheriff said.
He then carjacked a woman who was driving her child. The woman and child escaped and the man drove to a highway where a sheriff’s deputy saw him, Youngblood said.
The gunman saw the deputy and pulled into a parking lot. When the deputy confronted him at gunpoint, the man shot himself in the chest, the sheriff said.
The man’s identity was not immediately made public.
Except for the gunman’s wife, officials provided no details on how the victims might have been related.
About 30 people saw the shootings and were being interviewed by deputies, Youngblood said.