It’s doubtful that President Donald Trump and California lieutenant governor and top gubernatorial vote-getter Gavin Newsom agree on anything.

But as CALmatter’s Dan Walters writes in his June 7 column, both men got their wish in Tuesday’s election: John Cox advanced to the November gubernatorial runoff.

Walters offers his analysis that while Cox’s success may be good for Newsom’s November odds, it creates unwanted complications for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

That’s because Cox’s presence on the ballot may drive enough Republicans to the polls to diminish the Democrats’ hoped-for “Blue Wave” in California’s congressional races.

“Republicans showed more strength than expected, given that in 2016 Trump had lost to Hillary Clinton in all of the districts on the target list,” Walters writes, “and it may still be difficult for Democrats to make big congressional gains in California.”

Read Walters’ column here.

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