Depending on which polls you believe, San Diego businessman John Cox has either wrapped up second place or is battling former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for a ticket to the November run-off in California’s gubernatorial race, presumably against front-runner Gavin Newsom.

GV Wire news director and columnist Bill McEwen interviewed Tim Rosales, the Cox campaign manager, for his take on the race as it heads to the June 5 vote.

Interview Questions

Click on the photo above to hear Rosales answer questions about:

— The importance of President Trump’s endorsement of Cox.

— How Cox has broken away from GOP rival Travis Allen.

— Attack ads by the Newsom campaign that may be helping Cox with Republican voters.

— Republicans who label Cox a “RINO.”

— If Cox makes it to the run-off, the campaign’s strategy for beating Newsom in an overwhelmingly Democratic state.

Rosales also talks about Cox’s family connection to Fresno.


2 Responses

  1. Andrea

    John Cox is a RINO who does not care about this state and should drop out. California needs change, we need someone that loves and cares about his state. Someone that will support Trump’s agenda regarding illegal immigrants. Someone who will rid us of the gas tax and the high speed train to nowhere. California needs Travis Allen.

  2. Cara Morrison

    I agree Andrea, we need Travis Allen to make CA a place we can be proud of again!


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