Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox dropped in Fresno on Tuesday (April 3), praising cities and counties that have fought back against California’s sanctuary state law (SB 54).

“The passage of this sanctuary state — and the enforcement of it — has resulted in Californians feeling less safe,” Cox said. “(The) law enforcement officials that they rely on to keep the peace and security of their neighborhoods are not working together.”

But, he stopped short of advocating that officials in Fresno do the same.

“I think (Central Valley communities) should be allowed to carry out their deliberations and do what they need to do about their communities without interference from me directly. I’m here to support them …adhering to federal rules and opposing sanctuary state status,” Cox said.

No other city our county elected officials stood by Cox during his 30-minute period with the media.

Looking for Immigration Solution

In a media conference in front of the Robert E. Coyle Federal Courthouse, organized by the Fresno County Republicans, Cox talked about his support for legal immigration.

“I think we need to get a solution. I would like to have a comprehensive solution. A lot of people would,” Cox said.

Cox mentioned the case of homicide victim Kate Steinle as an example of illegal immigrants posing a danger to the community.

He advocated for better enforcement of the E-Verify program. He also cited a border wall, tunnel detection and visa overstay enforcement as potential fixes. He said people in the fields are not criminals and not causing danger to the communities.

Cox blamed Democrats for not cooperating with the Trump Administration to solve the immigration problem.

Two women, holding “Travis Allen for Governor” signs, heckled Cox during his speech. Cox largely ignored the supporters of his fellow Republican running for governor.

Thoughts on Clark Shooting

When asked about the Stephon Clark shooting in Sacramento, Cox called it a tragedy.

“It ought to be a goal to reduce crime. It also ought to be a goal to foster respect for the police. They have a tough job to do. They need to have the respect of the community. They also need to earn that respect too. I think better training in that regard is a good thing too,” Cox said.

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  1. Katie Andrews

    I’ve discovered a lot about John Cox. Do your own research, but here is what I found: John Cox, 62, is a recent transplant to California from Obama’s Chicago, his hometown until a few years ago. He will tell you he has lived in California for 10 years, but the truth is he has only been a full-time California resident for less than 3 1/2 of those 10 years. He was raised by a single mother who is a staunch democrat and was an avid union member. Cox is the sole shareholder and president of Property Equity Management LLC, and although a self-proclaimed advocate for the taxpayer, a large portion of his millions is made from taxpayers themselves through multiple Section 8 apartment complexes owned in other states. Through layers of different business names and partnerships, Property Equity Management is able to maximize taxpayer dollars into its account by hiking up rents and gaining access to favorable HUD re-fi loans. He claims he abhors crony capitalism, yet his business-political nexus is actually the definition. Cox touts himself as a businessman who despises politicians, but he has spent the past 20 years self-funding attempts to become a politician himself. His campaigns in Illinois for senate, congress, county clerk, and U.S.president, all ended in failure in spite of the more than $10 million dollars out of his own pocket mostly spent to promote himself on T.V. and radio. His 2008 presidential run was so insignificant he wasn’t allowed into the Reagan Library Presidential Debate, but millionaire Cox would not be told no. He donned fake press-photographer credentials and sneaked in anyway. The deception was discovered while he sought press attention to bemoan not being invited. He was kicked off the Reagan Library grounds and led out. He later received zero RNC delegates. Cox did not vote for our republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, in 2016. He voted for Gary Johnson (equaled a default vote for Hillary Clinton). He did not vote at all for governor in the 2014 CA midterms.His presidential voting record also includes voting for Jimmy Carter (D). Additionally, he ran to be a delegate at the Democratic National Convention. In 2016, Cox donated to the George Soros connected Mayday PAC, which spent millions attacking republicans in 2014. He made the stealthy donation through an old organization’s name, “Change California”, not through his own name. Even though at the heart of conservative principles is the belief in smaller government, not larger, Cox’s central campaign theme has been his “Neighborhood Legislature” idea. It would increase legislature’s size almost 100-fold by dividing current Assembly and Senate districts into neighborhood districts. Instead of 120 legislators, there would be 12,000. The fiscal impact is increased county election costs of tens of millions of dollars in election years. In February, 2018, his Neighborhood Legislature ballot initiative failed for the third time. While living in Chicago, John Cox bought airtime twice weekly on a Chicago radio station to host his own show called “The Progressive Conservative”. A progressive conservative’s philosophy is that it can unite conservatives with progressive ideas. Most recently, Cox paid Reform California $250K to buy a position as chairman on the gas tax repeal. Cox’s money allowed him an association to a proposed ballot measure he did not initiate on his own. John Cox is aligned with Newsom and Brown in opposing the death penalty, and was even against the death penalty for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. ~We have one chance to vote together as a large block to get the right gubernatorial candidate elected. Otherwise we all lose. John Cox is wrong for California. Please oh please do your homework. 🙂 Here are most of my resources:


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