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Want Better Health? Try These 6 Simple Detox Tricks.



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Are you tired of waking up after eight hours of sleep and still feeling exhausted? Does your body ache every day? Do you have stomach discomfort? There are natural foods that will help you detox and purify your body — leaving you renewed.

Even better news: You are not required to give up your social life and guilty pleasures to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you prioritize the foods that Sarah Sarway cites in her article from WELL+GOOD with your normal diet (detoxification dream team), you will feel as great on the inside as you look on the outside.

My personal motto is,  “All happiness starts within.”

1. Garlic

A basic ingredient used in many Italian dishes. “Eating garlic helps activate the liver detox enzymes,” explains Dr. Charles Passler, a New York-based nutritionist and founder of the detox program Pure Change. Enzymes assist with the breakdown of toxins so they can be removed from your body. Garlic is also a strong antibacterial agent. It’s probably the last thing you would clean your kitchen with, but your body considers it a fragrant blessing. Garlic contains 39 different antibacterial agents and kills unfriendly organisms in your intestines.

Simply adding a fresh clove to your veggies or pasta dish will do the trick!

 2. Beets

Beets, Beets, for everyone! Commonly used in many juice cleanses, beets are packed with sweet nutritional values. Other than being high in antioxidants and improving exercise performance, beets activate liver enzymes. This helps your body absorb healthy fats and fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamin E. “When your liver transforms fat and soluble toxins into their water-soluble form for excretion, it binds many of those toxins to bile so they can be escorted out of your body in bowel movements,” says Dr. Passler.



3. Organic Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it also prevents stomach pains. Since apples have a lot of fiber, they are beneficial in creating bowel movements. Also, apples include the added bonus of friendly bacteria that are introduced into your intestines once consumed. It’s important to avoid apples that were grown with pesticides (Organic is your best option).

Remember, the skin is as important as the flesh of the apple.


4. Broccoli Sprouts

A perfect veggie to top every meal with – as an edible decorative piece like parsley and micro greens. According to Dr. Passler, broccoli sprouts contain rich antioxidants and boost glutathione supporting liver detoxification. Broccoli sprouts also contain indole-3-carbinol (a compound that helps the liver detox excessive levels of hormones). Another positive effect of this friendly green veggie? Studies suggest sprouts possibly prevent cancer.

5. Fermented Foods

The new craze among health food enthusiast is Kombucha, which is technically fermented sweet tea with an added culture of yeast and bacteria. If you’re not interested in exotic drinks, any fermented food will do. Dr. Passler explains that fermented foods introduce gut-friendly bacteria to colonize the intestines and promote healthy elimination.

Sauerkraut, pickles, kefir, kimchi – will all help eliminate bloating or constipation.

6. Walnuts

Nuts are known for being healthy in moderation, this includes the walnut. Walnuts are known for their brain-boosting power but they also have a special detox element. Dr. Passler clarified that walnuts help increase circulation and blood flow so toxins are more efficiently transported from different points in your body to your liver. Also, walnuts are rich in arginine. Arginine is great for flushing toxins from alcohol and ammonia from your brain and central nervous system.


If you take advantage of these six ingredients, you will lead a healthier life without sacrificing your food vice.

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