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Roe's Video Pick: Amazon Commercial Shares Sentiments



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The music selection and storyline are just two of the many things Amazon nailed when making this commercial.
It was first released in 2016 by Amazon’s Japanese division.
It was to promote Amazon Prime, a paid membership through Amazon that gives subscribers free two-day shipping.
Aside from the business pitch showcased at the end, this spot makes you think twice about whether your animal might be feeling left out.
Do you ever think that your dog is sad or unhappy?
I do. Which is why this video tugs on my every heart-string and makes me tear up when I watch it.

A Dog Transforms with Amazon

A beautiful golden retriever is feeling left out once the family’s latest addition, a newborn baby, comes home.
The father feels for his devoted pup and comes up with a creative bonding idea.
It’s Amazon to the rescue.
With one-click purchases and free two-day shipping, this dog’s purpose is revealed.
Thank you, Amazon for making me think twice if I am leaving my dog out.