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Another Dutch Bros. Perks in Fresno



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Business for a popular coffee chain is percolating.

On Friday, the latest Dutch Bros. is opening in north Fresno at Behymer & Maple.

“We have hired over 40 new employees for this new location,” says local franchise owner Brent Wilson. “We have also transferred employees from other stores.” Despite the usual hurry-up-and-get-ready chaos taking place at the kiosk, Wilson vows to be ready for the Friday premiere.

It is the fifth franchise in the area Wilson has opened up, with another one on the way in Clovis. “We keep growing in the Central Valley. As much as our customers want us to grow, we will be right there along with them.”

So, for all those fans of the Dutch Freeze, Blue Rebel and The Kicker, get ready! Expect long lines for the opening because of dollar drink specials. The proceeds go to Valley Children’s Hospital.

“It not only feels good inside, but it’s also good to be able to (have) our employees be able to help and give back and pour their love into what they do every day as well,” Wilson says.

The special runs from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. this Friday (April 14).


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