Photo of people fleeing Syria

Assad Government Raises Flag Over Cradle of Syrian Revolt

BEIRUT — For the first time in more than seven years, the Syrian government raised its flag Thursday over Daraa, the first city to revolt against President Bashar Assad in 2011 and plunge the country into its calamitous civil war. The display is laden with ...
Photo of a Facebook demo booth

Facebook Faces UK Fine Over Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal

LONDON — Facebook is facing its first financial penalty for allowing the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica to forage through the personal data of millions of unknowing Facebook users. The social media giant faces a 500,000-pound ($663,000) fine for ...
Photo of Mike Pompeo and Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan,

US Slaps Terrorist Designation on Iran-Linked Group

WASHINGTON — The United States designated a Shiite militant group in Bahrain as a foreign terrorist organization Tuesday to ramp up pressure on Iran. The al-Ashtar Brigades are "yet another in a long line of Iranian-sponsored terrorists who kill on behalf o...

U.S. Following Familiar Path to War with Iran

The Cato Institute's Christopher Preble sees troubling similarities between warnings about threats posed to America's interests by Iran and the build-up leading to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Writing for The National Interest, Preble points to the efforts by...
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