Zakaria: Regime Change Drives Trump on Iran

President Trump's withdrawal from the six-nation Iran nuclear agreement last week left many in the international community, including close U.S. allies, scratching their heads. "It's hard to understand the rationale behind Trump's decision," says Washington...
Picture of dates and Ramadan lamp against a silhouette of a sliver of the moon.

What Is Ramadan? Why Do Muslims Fast?

Editor’s note: Mohammad Hassan Khalil, associate professor of religious studies and director of the Muslim Studies Program at Michigan State University, answers six questions about the significance of the Musli...
Vector Image of Trump, Nuclear Missile & Iran Flag

Backed by Israel & Saudis, Trump Wants To Break Iranian Regime

David E. Sanger, one of the best reporters on the planet, provides insight into what motived President Trump to pull the plug on the Iran nuclear agreement Tuesday. "For President Trump and two of the allies he values most — Israel and Saudi Arabia — the prob...
Picture of a Jewish protester in New York City who opposes Israeli occupation of Palestine

As Israel Turns 70, Many Young American Jews Turn Away

Natalie Portman, the Oscar-winning actress, recently kicked off a massive storm of controversy when she pulled out of a prestigious award ceremony in Israel because, she said, she “did not want to appear as endorsing Benjamin Netanyahu.” The response to Por...
Image of President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron shaking hands.

Macron Struggles To Prevent Iran Deal Collapse

During his three-day U.S. visit last week, French president Emmanuel Macron lobbied hard to preserve the six-nation nuclear agreement with Iran that President Donald Trump seems determined to scuttle. In his...
Saudi Arabia and Iran Conflict graphic

Saudi Arabia Needs Iran Nuclear Deal to Collapse

President Donald Trump is once again indicating he may withdraw from an international agreement designed to curb Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions. "My view is... that he will get rid of this deal on his own, for domestic reasons," said French President Emma...
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