United States reaches goal of 10,000th Syrian Refugee resettled

The Obama Administration announced that it has reached its goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian Refugees, announcing that the accomplishment had been reached one month early. The Administration also announced that it intends to meet its goal of welcoming 85,000...

Thunderstorm in Phoenix causes massive haboob

A thunderstorm south of Phoenix on Sunday led to a towering plume of dust which swept across the region known as a Haboob. Read More Here:

Deadly Hospital Bombing Highlights an Escalating War in Yemen

Nurses and Doctors spent Monday afternoon in Yemen moving from patient to patient in a maternity filled with 25 expecting mothers, when a bomb dropped from a Saudi Jet into the middle of the hospital, a facility run by Doctors Without Borders. Read More Her...

Fresno city spokesman goes on epic Twitter rant

Fresno City Spokesman Mark Strandriff decided enough was enough when he took to Twitter to begin what is being referred to as an "epic twitter rant" calling out Mayoral candidate Henry Perea regarding statements made highlighting water issues in Northeast Fres...
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