Is Renteria’s Candidacy a Ploy to Weaken Villaraigosa?

On Wednesday, Amanda Renteria, the 2014 Democratic challenger to Congressman David Valadao, filed to run for office again, this time for governor. The announcement came as a surprise given the fact that Renteria had seemingly not yet established a campaign ...
Iran and Middle East Conflict

Chaotic Middle East Puts World at Risk

Although the drumbeat of news reports may give the impression that much of the world is in crisis, the reality is quite the opposite, according to Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria. In his Friday, Feb...

Fresno Expands ShotSpotter Gunfire Coverage

The Fresno City Council unanimously approved adding 2.26 miles to its ShotSpotter coverage at Thursday's meeting. The three-year cost for the additional area, which covers the new Bus Rapid Transit corridor on Blackstone Avenue, between Olive and Ashlan ave...
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