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Fresno COG Recovers from 'Catastrophic' Cyber Attack

Cyber hackers, believed to be from Russia, encrypted thousands of files from the Fresno Council of Governments, demanding an $8,000 ransom. The public agency declined to pay and lost access to the files. Listen to this article:   Fresno COG called it a "catastrophic loss of data to the agency." The...

Watchdog: 4 Mar-a-Lago Trips in 2017 Costs Taxpayers $14M

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump's four trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort in early 2017 cost taxpayers nearly $14 million, a watchdog report Tuesday said. The Government Accountability Office said travel and accommodations, Secret Service expenses, deployment of bomb-sniffing dogs and other costs for the trips between February 3 and...