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Valley Economy Will Get a Close Look From Newsom at Summit

What might Gov. Gavin Newsom talk about when he speaks in Fresno next week? His transportation adviser offered a few clues. Newsom will deliver the keynote address Friday, Nov. 8, 10:30 a.m., at the California Economic Summit at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Fresno. Last week, Egon Terplan, Newsom's Senior...

Memo to Bee Sportswriters: Fresno State's Priority Must Be Academics

The Fresno Bee sports page delivered quite a 1-2 punch in the gut to Fresno State recently. First, Marek Warszawski wrote, "At some point Fresno State baseball stopped being a victim of its own success, and started to become a victim of its own neglect." He voiced that opinion in...