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Balch Exits Mayoral Race, Citing Family Priorities

Elliott Balch, the chief operating officer of the Central Valley Community Foundation, pulled the plug on his Fresno mayoral campaign Tuesday night. Balch's exit, along with Mayor Lee Brand's earlier decision to not seek reelection, reduces the field to just two candidates, county prosecutor Andrew Janz and police chief Jerry...

Will Council Override Brand Veto? Would be First in 12 Years.

After five years of a mayor not executing a veto, Lee Brand in 2019 issued three. And, he may suffer his first veto override at Thursday's council meeting. If the council is successful, it would be the first veto override since 2007. The council reversed then-mayor Alan Autry's plan to save...

Mayor Brand Takes Heat for Vetoing Ban on Retroactive Raises

In the latest chapter of the bubbling fight over separation of power in Fresno City Hall, Mayor Lee Brand vetoed a resolution that attempted to restrict how staff pay raises are regulated. The city council voted 6-0 on July 25 to bar retroactive raises after an employee has given notice to...