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Stolen Away: Brooklyn Pitcher Recalls '51 Sign-Stealing Scam

NEW YORK — Stealing signals. Banging on a trash can. Beating the Dodgers in October. Sounds very familiar to Carl Erskine. "If they're going to go back to 2017 with penalties for the Astros," he said Wednesday, "then I want them to go all the way back to 1951 to...

Pumpsie Green, 1st Black Player on Boston Red Sox, Dies

BOSTON — Former Boston Red Sox infielder Elijah "Pumpsie" Green, the first black player on the last major league team to field one, has died. He was 85. The Red Sox said Green, who lived in California most of his life, died Wednesday at in a hospital in San Leandro,...

What the Dodgers’ and Giants’ 1958 Move West Meant for America

Few phrases are as evocative of a mythical, imagined urban past as “Brooklyn Dodgers.” Those two words, particularly in the borough that is now a punch line for hipster jokes, bring to mind a different America, one where the U.S. saw itself as more of a political innocent just discovering...