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Here's How Independents Can Vote in Cal Presidential Primary

SACRAMENTO — More than 5 million independent voters, called “no party preference” in California, are eligible to vote in the March 3 presidential primary. Here's what you need to know: Who Can They Vote For? The Democratic, Libertarian, and American Independent parties allow California voters without a party to vote...

Lawsuit: California Should Open Presidential Primary to Independents

The way California holds its presidential primary violates the constitutional rights of political independents and misuses taxpayer dollars to “benefit wholly private political parties,” a nonpartisan election group will argue in a lawsuit it says it will file this week against the state. A draft filing from by the Independent Voter...

Jimmy Carter: To Beat Trump, Dems Cannot Scare off Moderates

ATLANTA — Former President Jimmy Carter sees little hope for the U.S. to change its human rights and environmental policies as long as Donald Trump is in the White House, but he has a warning for his fellow Democrats looking to oust the current administration: Don't go too far to...