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Neither Brain Freeze Nor Heat of Day Stymied My Slurpee Challenge

While many might use the word ‘gluttony’ to describe my quest to pick up a free frozen drink at all 25 Fresno and Clovis 7-Eleven stores, I call it Wednesday. 7-Eleven offers a free small Slurpee to celebrate its birthday every year on July 11. The convenience store chain estimates...

It's Free Slurpee Day: 19 Down & 6 To Go

Joey Chestnut can scarf down 74 hotdogs in 10 minutes. I’m thinking of doing something more practical. Today is July 11, 7-11. And the store with the same name, 7-Eleven, is giving away free Slurpees. It is the convenience-store chain's 91st birthday. The small-sized slush drink will be available at the...