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Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Could Add $24K to Home Buys. Costa Fires off Letter to Pres. Biden

Shortages of lumber have nearly tripled the price of lumber since mid-April 2020, according to the National Association of Home Builders. The association estimates the price of a new single-family home will increase by more than $24,000 as a result. CNBC reports softwood lumber prices are now about 112% higher...

Swearengin Says VMT Is Tool to Build Fresno’s Economy. Others Disagree.

Former Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin said "something definitely needs to change" when it comes to meeting Fresno's housing needs. And the state's controversial new VMT law, she said, "is a tool" for fixing what she describes as the city's history of unsustainable development. Swearengin made the comments in a statewide...

How Much You Drive Soon Will Dictate the Price of a New Home

If you dream of buying a new house in the suburbs — or anywhere outside the urban core —the cost is going way, way up because of a California law taking effect July 1. Critics say the law will price new homes beyond the reach of middle-class families at a...