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Students walk and cycle past the centerpiece fountain at Fresno State

Fresno State Students Fear Tweets Backlash: Zante

Fresno State has been a hotbed of free speech in recent years. Professors, students, and community members have all voiced extreme opinions that stir up controversy both locally and nationally. While I strongly disagree with the opinions and methods used by...

Zakaria: Comey’s Book Is About More Than Trump

The best-selling memoir by fired FBI Director James Comey covers a lot of ground that has already been widely explored in the media. But Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria, in his April 19 piece, points to an incident recounted in Comey's book that il...

“Pawternity” Is Trending. And Millennials Love It.

Perhaps as a distraction from the constancy of grim events in these troubled times, not a day goes by without mention on television or over social media or in the newspaper about puppies. There are probably more stories about pups than opioids. So now, perhaps...
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