Human Trafficking

Ride Along With Fresno PD As They Take Down a Pimp

The Fresno Police Department, under Police Chief Jerry Dyer, is teaming with District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp to crack down on human trafficking and educate the public that prostitution is not a victimless crime. In addition, local nonprofits such as Breaki...
Human Trafficking Title Image

DA Lisa Smittcamp Targets Sex Trafficking

"Human trafficking is modern-day slavery." Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp says that is the unvarnished reality of prostitution and for those who become ensnared by it. "They live in fear that the pimp is going to hurt their family." In an ...
Human Trafficking

Breaking the Chains of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an affront to all of us and a threat to the youth of our community. Breaking the Chains is one of the Fresno-based organization working to end human trafficking. In cooperation with local law enforcement agencies and other partners, Breaki...
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