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Biden Leads Trump by 6 Points, but Haley Leads Biden by 5: New Poll



A new poll shows President Joe Biden with an edge over Donald Trump, but if Biden were to face Nikki Haley, he's be in trouble. (GV Wire Composite/Paul Marshall)
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President Joe Biden enjoys strong support from Democrats and independents.

Men leaning toward Donald Trump, while women increasingly favor Biden.

Though she trails Trump for GOP nod, Nikki Haley would pose problems for Biden.

In the latest Quinnipiac University poll, President Joe Biden leads former President Donald Trump by six points among registered voters in a hypothetical 2024 general election matchup.

This contrasts with the previous poll, where the race was too close to call. Biden enjoys strong support from Democrats and independents, while Trump maintains his significant backing from Republicans. The gender gap persists, with women increasingly favoring Biden and men leaning toward Trump.

And, in a broader five-candidate scenario, including independent and Green Party candidates, Biden maintains a lead.

However, Biden trails by five points in a matchup against Nikki Haley.

Biden-Haley Matchup Unlikely

Based on early primary results, that matchup is unlikely to happen — unless Trump is convicted of a serious crime. Trump dominates among Republicans while Biden leads the Democratic field by a significant margin.

Biden’s job approval rating remains negative but has slightly improved since the previous poll.

Concerns about the Middle East conflict and immigration persist among voters, with preserving democracy ranking as the most urgent issue for many. Views on the economy remain divided, with a notable focus on the prices of goods and services.

The survey methodology included a national sample of registered voters and followed industry best practices for accuracy and impartiality.

See the full Quinnipiac poll at this link.



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