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Over 800 US and European Officials Sign Letter Protesting Israel’s Military Operations in Gaza



More than 27,000 people have been killed and 66,000 wounded by Israel's offensive against Hamas in Gaza, (AP File)
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More than 800 officials from the United States and Europe have expressed their concern over their governments’ stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict, warning that it could be seen as a serious breach of international law.

The officials, who have signed a “transatlantic statement,” believe their governments could be complicit in one of the worst humanitarian crises of the century.

The statement, signed by civil servants from the U.S., European Union, and 11 European countries, accuses Israel of crossing all limits in its military operations in Gaza — leading to thousands of avoidable civilian deaths and a potential humanitarian crisis due to the deliberate blocking of aid.

The officials, many of whom have at least a decade of government experience, argue that their governments’ unconditional support for Israel not only risks more Palestinian deaths but also threatens regional stability and Israel’s security.

Israel’s Tactics Strengthen Appeal of Hamas, Officials Claim

They claim that Israel’s military operations have ignored key counterterrorism expertise gained since 9/11, strengthening the appeal of Hamas and other negative actors instead of defeating them.

The statement calls for the U.S. and European governments to stop justifying the Israeli operation to the public. It also suggests that there is no viable strategy to effectively neutralize Hamas as a threat or to ensure Israel’s long-term security.

The Israeli embassy in London, in response to the statement, said it was bound by international law and continues to act against a genocidal terrorist organization committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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