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Ex-Boeing Manager Wouldn’t Fly on a 737 Max: ‘Plane is Not Really Safe’



Former Boeing manager voices safety concerns over 737 Max, citing production issues and quality defects despite FAA clearance. (GV Wire Composite/David Rodriguez)
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Boeing’s stock took a hit on Wednesday as the company was hit with a lawsuit following an incident where a door plug on a Boeing 737 Max 9, operated by Alaska Airlines, blew out mid-flight, potentially leading to a catastrophic event.

Despite the Federal Aviation Administration clearing the aircraft model for flight after thorough inspections, a former senior Boeing manager has expressed his reluctance to fly on a Max airplane.

Ed Pierson, who retired from Boeing in 2018 and is currently the executive director of the aviation safety advocacy group, Foundation for Aviation Safety, voiced his concerns about the safety of the aircraft. Pierson pointed out that the pressure on factory workers to produce these planes has led to at least 20 serious production quality defects in the past few years.

“So, all these indicators are telling us that the plane is not really safe,” Pierson stated.

Pierson compared the situation to a new car with a part falling off and then being told by the mechanic that there were other issues, but it’s ready to hit the road. He expressed concerns about potential issues that may have been overlooked.

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