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Americans Don’t Want to Vote for Presidential Candidates Over 80 or With Felony Charges: Gallup Poll



New Gallup poll reveals evolving American voter preferences, highlighting broad support for diverse candidates but reservations about age and legal issues. (Shutterstock)
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A recent Gallup poll reveals that less than one-third of Americans would consider voting for a presidential candidate over 80 years old or one who has been charged or convicted of a felony.

The poll also found that less than half of Americans would support a socialist candidate. However, the majority of Americans expressed willingness to vote for a candidate who is gay, lesbian, Muslim, over 70, or an atheist.

The highest support was shown for Jewish candidates, with 88% of respondents indicating they would vote for a Jewish nominee, and more than 90% would back a woman, Hispanic, Black, or Catholic candidate.

Age and Legal Issues Are Voter Concerns

The poll also explored the potential impact of the age and legal issues of potential candidates, such as President Joe Biden, who is 81, and former President Donald Trump, who is 77 and currently facing multiple felony charges.

The results suggest that if Biden and Trump were to be the nominees for their respective parties, voters would be faced with a difficult choice, as both candidates possess characteristics that are generally objectionable to Americans.

The poll also found broad bipartisan support for female, Hispanic, Black, or Jewish candidates. However, Democrats and independents were more likely than Republicans to support gay, lesbian, Muslim, atheist, or socialist candidates.

In addition, the poll tracked the evolution of tolerance for diverse candidates since 1937, showing a significant increase in societal willingness to vote for candidates of different genders, races, and religions. However, advanced age and felony charges remain significant deterrents for voters.

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