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US Continues to Back Israel Despite Global Calls for Gaza Ceasefire



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The ongoing conflict in Gaza, now in its fourth month, has resulted in the deaths of over 25,000 Palestinians, the majority of whom are women and children. The war has also caused one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, with Palestinians facing the risk of death from hunger and disease.

Despite global calls for a ceasefire, both Israel and the Biden administration continue to reject this notion. The U.S., while publicly supporting the idea of a Palestinian state, has done little to facilitate its realization. The conflict has also seen the U.S. bypassing congressional review processes to send tank munitions to the Israeli military. Despite the Biden administration’s claims of concern for Palestinian civilians, their actions suggest otherwise.

The U.S. has not only provided military support to Israel but has also defended it against allegations of genocide at the International Court of Justice. The conflict has resulted in unprecedented civilian casualties, with over 63,000 Palestinians wounded and a severe lack of medical supplies leading to surgeries being performed without anesthesia.

The U.S.’s actions suggest that the conflict is proceeding as they desire, despite the devastating humanitarian consequences.

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