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Only 35% of Israelis Believe in Two-State Solution, Reveals Pew Research



Recent Pew survey shows only 35% of Israelis believe in peaceful coexistence with a Palestinian state, marking a significant decline in optimism. (Shutterstock)
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The belief in a peaceful coexistence between Israel and an independent Palestinian state is dwindling among Israelis, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center.

The study, conducted before the latest West Bank violence, reveals that only 35% of Israelis believe in the possibility of a peaceful two-state solution, a drop of 9% since 2017 and 15% since 2013.

The survey also highlights a significant shift in views among Arab Israelis, who are now 33 points less likely than in 2013 to envision a peaceful coexistence. Jewish Israelis are 14 points less likely to see this possibility than in 2013.

The survey also reveals a stark divide in opinions across Israeli groups. For instance, those who oppose Israel’s current governing coalition are more likely to believe in peaceful coexistence than those who support it (54% vs. 10%).

The study also explored experiences of discrimination among Muslims in Israel. It found that 20% of Muslims reported experiencing at least one form of discrimination in the past year, a decrease from 30% in the 2014-15 survey.

Read more at Pew Research Center.

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