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CNN’s Coverage of Gaza War Influenced by Jerusalem Bureau, Israeli Military Censor



CNN's Jerusalem bureau influences Israel-Palestine conflict coverage, operating under Israel's military censor rules, leading to accusations of bias. (Shutterstock)
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CNN’s coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict is shaped by its Jerusalem bureau, which operates under the influence of Israel’s military censor, according to The Intercept.

The bureau reviews all CNN stories related to the conflict, a policy that has been in place for years to ensure accuracy in reporting. However, this has led to criticism that the network’s coverage is biased towards Israeli narratives.

The Jerusalem bureau is subject to the rules of the Israel Defense Forces’s censor, which restricts certain subjects from being covered. This includes information about security cabinet meetings, hostages, and weapons captured by fighters in Gaza.

CNN Policy Differs From Other Media

CNN’s policy differs from other major news outlets, which have run sensitive stories through desks outside of Israel to avoid the censor’s influence. The network has also issued directives to its staff on specific language to use when reporting on violence in the Gaza Strip.

A CNN spokesperson stated that the policy is in place due to the complex local nuances that require extra scrutiny. They also clarified that the protocol does not impact their interactions with the Israeli Military Censor and they do not share copy with them in advance.

However, an anonymous CNN staff member told The Intercept that the internal review policy has had a significant impact on the coverage of the Gaza war, with lines often edited to favor Israeli narratives.

Read more at The Intercept.


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