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Joe Lieberman’s Third-Party Ambitions Spark Dem Outrage



Joe Lieberman stirs Democratic debate with No Labels' centrist approach, risking vote split in upcoming election. (Shutterstock)
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Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman’s involvement with the independent group No Labels has sparked controversy among Democrats. The group, which Lieberman co-founded, is considering running a centrist “unity ticket” in the upcoming presidential election. Democrats fear this could split the vote and potentially lead to a victory for former President Donald Trump.

Lieberman, 81, has a history of clashing with his own party. His career includes 25 years in the Senate and a stint as Al Gore’s running mate in 2000. Critics within the Democratic party have accused him of betraying party lines on multiple occasions.

No Labels is currently undecided about participating in the next election. However, the group has been preparing, presenting data that suggests a moderate Democrat and Republican ticket could secure a 34% plurality of the vote. The group has already secured a spot on the ballot in 12 states and aims to be on five more in the coming months.

The group’s critics have accused it of lacking transparency and circumventing legal limits by not disclosing its donors and claiming to be a nonprofit rather than a political party. The process for selecting No Labels’ presidential ticket remains unclear.

Lieberman, who was elected to the Senate as a moderate Democrat in 1988, has often been seen as a figure who reaches across the aisle. However, his support for the Iraq war and his decision to run as an independent in the 2006 general election after losing the Democratic primary have caused friction within his party.

Despite the backlash, Lieberman remains committed to No Labels and its mission. He believes the group offers a chance to steer the country in the right direction and combat the partisanship that he sees as threatening America’s future.

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