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Swing Hammers, Raise Walls: It’s Final Exam Time Career Tech Style!



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Twenty-three students in Clovis High’s Career and Technical Education Construction Pathway did an old-fashioned wall-raising on Tuesday, Dec. 19, as they continued to build small structures, including tiny houses.

The students in the class University California Curriculum Integration Building Trades are studying geometry in construction, 3-D modeling, digital blueprints, estimating, generating lumber orders, framing, and carpentry.

“At this point, the students are expected to work independently — demonstrating mastery knowledge in framing, construction processes, and safety.  This is as close as it comes to a real-world test.  It’s their final exam, CTE style,” said construction teacher John “Jay” Eichmann.

Their projects — building three full-scale sheds and two tiny-house sheds -— have been commissioned for building by pathway supporters who intend to use them.

“One of the most amazing aspects of career tech education is the ability for students to immerse themselves into hands-on learning,” Eichmann said. “In traditional classes, students receive lecture and instruction to learn the lesson and then are tested on their knowledge.  In CTE, we like to flip the traditional educational model by giving students the ‘test’ (project) first, and in figuring out how to complete the project, the students learn the lessons.”

Clovis HIgh CTEC

Clovis High CTEC students assemble the walls on a shed, (GV Wire Jahz Tello)

The Construction Pathway is one of 21 CTE pathways offered in Clovis Unified that provide classroom and practical learning to help students become college and career-ready. The Construction Pathway has about 300 students participating in classes from Clark Intermediate through Clovis High.

The pathway offers students a chance to explore and experience opportunities in the construction industry. These range from introductory classes through specialized ROP capstone classes that include architecture, engineering, electrical/electronic systems, and construction technology.

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