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Mearsheimer Condemns Israel’s Actions in Gaza as ‘Crime Against Humanity’



Political scientist John J. Mearsheimer criticizes Israel's Gaza actions as 'crimes against humanity,' questioning the decency of its supporters. (GV Wire Composite/David Rodriguez)
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In a recent Substack post, political scientist John J. Mearsheimer criticizes Israel’s actions in Gaza, describing them as a “crime against humanity” with no “meaningful military purpose.” Mearsheimer cites various sources, including J-Street, an organization within the Israel lobby, which describes the humanitarian disaster and civilian casualties as “nearly unfathomable.”

Mearsheimer accuses Israel of intentionally killing large numbers of civilians, including women and children, and of starving the Palestinian population by limiting essential supplies. He also criticizes the rhetoric of Israeli leaders, suggesting it reveals a “genocidal intent.”

The article further condemns the destruction of homes and critical infrastructure, the public humiliation of Palestinian men, and the support of the Biden administration for Israel’s actions. Mearsheimer also highlights the ongoing issues in the West Bank, where he claims Israeli settlers, with the support of the IDF, continue to kill innocent Palestinians and steal their land.

Mearsheimer concludes his article with a question for Israel’s leaders, their American defenders, and the Biden administration: “Have you no decency?”

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