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Trump Holds Double-Digit Lead Over Biden for 2024 White House: Rasmussen Reports



The latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows a 10-point lead for Donald Trump over Joe Biden and rising support for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (GV Wire Composite/David Rodriguez)
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Former President Donald Trump has gained a significant lead over President Joe Biden for the 2024 elections, according to a national survey by Rasmussen Reports.

The poll, conducted via telephone and online, reveals that 48% of likely U.S. voters would opt for Trump, while 38% would back Biden. This is a stark contrast to the November survey, where Biden held a four-point lead over Trump.

Growing Support for Third-Party Candidates

The survey also indicates a growing support for third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In a three-way race between Biden, Trump, and Kennedy, 40% of voters would choose Trump, 32%  Biden, and 16% Kennedy. That’s a four-point climb for Kennedy.

The poll also reveals a potential shift in voter preferences, with 33% of voters considering a third-party candidate if the 2024 election is a Biden-Trump rematch. This includes 38% of Democrats, 25% of Republicans, and 35% of unaffiliated voters.

Biden’s Declining Popularity Among Democrats

The report highlights a decline in Biden’s popularity among Democrats. In a two-way race, only 69% of Democratic voters would choose Biden, compared to 81% of Republican voters who would choose Trump.

Among unaffiliated voters, Trump leads Biden by 12 points in a two-way race. In a three-way race, Trump would secure 35% of unaffiliated voters, Biden 26%, and Kennedy 21%.

Read more at Rasmussen Reports.

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