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Do Liberal California Lawmakers’ Stock Portfolios Reflect Their Political Values?



California lawmakers' personal investments conflict with their public stances, according to a recent Los Angeles Times analysis. (GV Wire Composite/David Rodriguez)
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A recent analysis by the Los Angeles Times has revealed that many liberal California lawmakers hold significant investments in companies that go against their public stances.

The report found that a third of the state’s legislators reported a combined total of at least $14 million in investments on their most recent financial disclosures. However, the exact amounts could be much higher due to the broad range of minimum and maximum fair market values allowed on the state’s financial disclosure forms.

Among the lawmakers highlighted in the report is Democratic Assemblymember Gail Pellerin, who despite being an environmentalist, owns stock in major oil, chemical, and mining companies.

Similarly, Assemblymember Josh Lowenthal, who has publicly criticized social media platforms for their potential harm to children, has investments in the companies that own Instagram and YouTube.

While these investments are not illegal, they do raise concerns about how well lawmakers’ personal financial interests align with their public positions. Some lawmakers have defended their investments, blaming their spouses and insisting that they do not influence their policy stances.

The report has sparked calls for greater scrutiny of lawmakers’ investments, with some suggesting that federal legislation banning members of Congress from trading stocks should be extended to state lawmakers.

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