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Want a Dog for a Holiday Gift? Check out Second Chance Shelter in Selma



Second Chance Animal Shelter of Selma is hoping that all of its dogs are adopted before it closes at year's end. (GV Wire Composite)
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The Second Chance Animal Center of Selma is attempting to find homes for more than 100 dogs before it shuts down at the end of December.

The Selma City Council recently voted 3-2 to terminate its contract with Second Chance, ending a nearly 10-year relationship. The decision came after hours of exchanges between the city council, residents, and shelter staff.

Selma police and the Fresno Humane Center are set to take over the city’s animal control shelter in January.

“Our goal is to not leave any dogs for them,” said shelter president Parveen Sandhu. “We are reaching out to anyone and everyone who will listen.”

Fees Waived, Expanded Hours of Operation

Sandhu urges people to visit the shelter, reach out via email at SCAS.Selma@outlook.com, or text or call (559) 896-7227.

Second Chance hopes to find homes for five dogs a day so that none will be left in the shelter by the end of the year.

The shelter has waived adoption fees and expanded its hours of operation in hopes of increasing the number of dogs adopted. It’s now open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Shelter staff and residents voiced concern at the city council meeting about the change, saying that many dogs will end up euthanized.

“The city thinks the capacity of the building is 60 and wants us to bring it down to that,” Sandhu said. Any dogs over that limit would be euthanized, she said.

The Fresno Humane Center’s website states it meets the no-kill criteria, and has a save rate of 90%. This means that less than 10% of the animals are euthanized.

Councilmembers cited poor conditions at the shelter and financial struggles as the main reasons for not renewing the contract. The city has awarded nearly $300,000 to the shelter this year.

“We’re also responsible for public funds. This is taxpayers’ money… for at least, I want to say, four or five months they have bounced checks,” councilmember Blanca Mendoza-Navarro said.

Residents in support of Second Chance disputed the claim that the animals there weren’t properly cared for.

“The fact that you’re saying that Second Chance is mistreating the animals, that’s BS. That they are living in deplorable conditions, that’s BS. I can tell you for a fact because I have been there often. I was just there last week,” Lena Beton said.

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