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Hollywood Joins Forces with Brady United to Promote Gun Control



Brady United for Gun Control is teaming up with Hollywood to push gun control, despite public disinterest in celebrity politics. (Shutterstock)
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Brady United for Gun Control has recently announced its collaboration with Hollywood executives and producers to promote gun control.

This move comes as the gun control industry continues to advocate for policies that many Americans are not in favor of, including defunding the police and lenient crime policies. The announcement by Brady United aligns with other national gun control groups’ efforts to persuade Americans to relinquish more of their rights, according to the Buckeye Firearms Association.

The declining viewership of Hollywood awards shows, such as the Oscars, indicates a growing disinterest in the political opinions of Hollywood elites. This sentiment is mirrored in the public’s response to gun control groups advocating for community safety while supporting officials who are lenient on crime and restricting law-abiding citizens’ rights to self-defense.

Brady United has enlisted the help of three prominent figures to further their gun control agenda. These include Christy Callahan, a former motion picture executive and TV writer; Jared Milrad, a filmmaker and advocate for social inclusion in entertainment; and Matt Littman, a former chief speechwriter for then-Senator Joe Biden and current senior advisor to President Biden’s reelection campaign.

Despite these efforts, the relationship between Americans and guns has significantly changed over the past three years. Lawful gun purchases have increased, with over 1 million firearms bought every month for 50 consecutive months. This trend includes a large percentage of women, minorities, and first-time gun buyers, making the gun-owning community more diverse than ever.

The firearm industry continues to support safe and responsible gun ownership and has made a positive impact through initiatives such as the NSSF’s Real Solutions. Safer Communities. campaign. This campaign has helped reduce unintentional firearm deaths to record low numbers and supports safe firearm storage. Hollywood and gun control groups’ collaboration is unlikely to bring about any significant change, as they continue to ignore the real crime problems in America’s cities and advocate for policies that limit rights and leave law-abiding citizens less safe.

Read more at Buckeye Firearms Association.

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