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They Ran for a Better Life, Straight Into a Wildfire



Greece has been struggling to extinguish the largest single wildfire to hit an EU country since records began in 2000. It claimed the lives of 18 migrants fleeing war-torn Syria. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)
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As they traversed the harsh, wooded terrain in northeastern Greece, the 18 asylum seekers were presented with an agonizing dilemma: Take the safer route through villages and over highways, but into the arms of the Greek authorities, or travel through the forests and fields being ravaged by Europe’s largest recorded wildfire.

They opted for the forests. They were fleeing war-ravaged Syria, seeking what they hoped would be a better life in Europe.

Instead, they died on a rocky hillside, their ashes now mixed with the gray-scale landscape of Evros, where the climate crisis fueling ferocious wildfires collided with the migrant crisis that has long brought tragedy to this region.

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